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80 Lines is a software agency highly experienced in modern Web and Mobile development. We deliver high-quality software with modern UI/UX design in production, guaranteed.
Changing the world one component at a time.
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Development of the best UI/UX experiences

We build complex and modern design systems from scratch, followed by pixel-perfect implementation of web or mobile applications.

Extreme quality in every phase of software engineering

Requirement gathering, analysis and design, implementation, test and deployment made with attention to detail.

We are agile

We use Scrum to manage our development process, providing agility, speed and quality of the deliverables.

A remote-first team

Since 2016, we have been part of different teams across the 5 continents. We use the right processes, tools and communication best practices to guarantee the success of the project.

Solid and collaborative team

Our culture is based on collaboration, support and help among the team. We bring the experience of multiple projects, being developed simultaneously, into your project.

High standards

We are extremely committed to code quality. We spend hours discussing every single component API, usability, performance, architecture, folder structure, new tech.
How 80 Lines Works

Analysis and Design

Conception and elaboration phase, doing requirement analysis, modeling, prototyping and UI/UX design of the solution.


Collaborative, Agile Work

Software delivered incrementally, every 2 weeks. The client participates of the entire process and visualizes the work being done and delivered, fast.


Release management

Usage of the best processes and tools to enable frequent and constant releases, in different environments, uninterruptedly


Production Support

Our code delivered is easy to maintain and scale. Even after production, we keep a strong speed of delivery and maintenance, ensuring the evolution of the project.

We are looking forward to our next challenge.
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