About Us

Our mission is to provide excellence in software engineering, providing disruptive, high-quality web and mobile applications.

Our History

In modern web development, user experience, performance and design are necessary to be at it's finest level.

Users are more demanding, competition is high, overall quality is improving. There's no room for mediocrity.

We all started as full-stack engineers. It's important to understand every layer of a software architecture. But in order to really master a framework, in a fast-paced tech environemnt that changes every day, we need to specialize in one area.

There are so many things involved: state management, cross-browser, cross-platform, publishing apps to stores, animations, screen transitions, responsiveness, API integrations, performance optimization, server-side rendering, SEO, geolocation, HTML5, CSS3, image cropping, file upload, realtime updates, websocket, authentication, security, event loop, async/await, ES6... and the list goes on...

Let's talk about frontend frameworks/toolkits now?

React, ReactNative, Redux, NextJS, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, Ant.Design, ReachUI, Reakit, MaterialUI, StyledComponents, ReactNavigation, ReactRouter, Firebase, socket.io...

And to create a scalable and performant backend?

NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, SQL, AWS, AdonisJS, Serverless, auto-scaling...


Ok, Auth0, AWS Cognito, Firebase Auth, Social Authentication, Okta, or a custom OAuth 2.0 implementation...

How about external services that we always use?

Google Analytics, Stripe, Google Maps API, Twilio, MixPanel, Facebook for Developers, Sentry, LogRocket...

Uff... that's a lot!But, don't worry. We must have done each of thema dozen of times,

and we know how to do themfast and with quality, for your project πŸ˜‰

Technology Stack

We are looking forward to our next challenge.
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