80 Lines introduction
Rafael Arenas

Rafael Arenas


80 Lines introduction

The year was 2020. The Founder, Rafael Arenas Schuchowsky, had over 10 years of experience with software engineering, software analysis, agile methodologies and team leadership. He had started freelancing for companies worldwide 6 years before, as a frontend engineer specialized in ReactJS and modern Javascript.

As he succeeded as a freelancer among multiple clients and projects, lack of time started to be a bottleneck. There were so many things to be done, so many great projects to be worked on, great clients and businesses to help, that he felt the need and the opportunity to start hiring people and building up a team of frontend specialists.

It was the beginning of a very special team of engineers. Friendship, trust, collaboration and high-standards were the pillars of this new business that was just getting started.

Lots of hours and a huge effort have been expended into documenting and standardizing the knowledge and best practices that the Founder had learned throughout his carreer, adding up the knowledge of the team, which were delivering outstanding results. Not only technical aspects, but also communication, collaboration, importance of hitting deadlines, organization, commitment and ownership.

That small group was able to keep the quality bar very high, so they started gaining momentum rapidly. Finally, the business had been given a name: 80 Lines. Because modern software should be developed based on small, atomic, scalable and decoupled components, compound together to build complex solutions.

80 Lines is an IT Consultancy Agency, located at Brazil, that provides high-quality software solutions for the seven continents. It believes in giving the opportunity for new developers, having a solid trainee program for hiring and training new engineers. The team, at the date this article was written, is now made by 18 people, between Project Managers, Tech Leads, Developers, Testers and Designers. And it’s just the beginning.

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We love software engineering. We care about people. We deliver high-quality software solutions using modern Javascript and mature software engineering processes. And we are here to transform the digital evolution of businesses through technology and passion for coding.

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